Certified Alcohol and Drug Addiction Consultant III (CADAC III) is a non-clinical addiction credential recognized by the Indiana Division of Mental Health & Addiction. 

Persons seeking the CADAC III must hold and maintain a non-clinical (Bachelor’s level) license recognized by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board must provide documentation of a current CADAC II certification, or:

Requirements to earn your CADAC III credential

  • 90 hours of formal training in addictions treatment
  • 6 hours of HIV/STI AND 6 hours of Ethics
Code of Ethics
  • The applicant must sign, and agree to abide by the ICAADA Certified Addiction and Drug Abuse Consultant (CADAC) Code of Ethics
  • Candidate must live or work in Indiana at least 51% of the time
  • 40 hours of related continuing education earned every two years, including six hours of Ethics and six hours of HIV/STI 
  • Membership: $125
  • Exam: Member – $200 | Non-member – $400
  • Certification: Member – $200 | Non-member – $400

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