Certifications evaluate the level of education, training, supervision, and competency of professionals with credentials in the field of alcohol and drug abuse.

About Credentialing

Credentialing is the process ICAADA utilizes to evaluate an individual’s previous education, experience, completed course work, knowledge, and competency level as a behavioral health professional. ICAADA utilizes state and international standards to validate the knowledge and skill level of the professionals it credentials. ICAADA uses a rigorous process to create, and regularly review, credential standards to ensure they meet the needs of the behavioral health profession, and most importantly, the populations served.

Credentialing Requirements

Professionals working, or interested in starting a career, in the behavioral health field whose responsibilities include prevention, treatment, support, or the care and advocacy of persons with behavioral health issues are eligible for credentialing. ICAADA credential holders may be employed in a variety of environments: churches, schools, business and industry, hospital-based inpatient programs, detoxification centers, recovery residences, recovery support, department of corrections, community supervision programs, resource centers, recovery community organizations, opioid treatment programs, medical clinics, public and private outpatient clinics or anywhere someone may seek behavioral health services.

Persons interested in credentialing process should visit our credential information page found here. All credential applications are processed electronically through our on-line credentialing platform. Paper applications or information will not be accepted. All persons seeking credentialing must meet the following requirements:

  • Confidential evaluation by the candidate’s peers and/or supervisor(s) who are provided reference documentation during the credential application process
  • Written examination passed for each respective certification level
  • Validation of all required education, courses, or other requirements of the credential
  • Payment of all application and credentialing fees

Credentialing Fees

Each credential has fees associated with the examination, review, oversight, and maintenance of that credential that are due prior to issuance of the credential. Each credential has a unique credentialing fee, however a person only needs to pay ICAADA membership fees once every two-years regardless of the amount of ICAADA credentials the person holds. Many credentials require different examinations so there may be different fees associated with the examinations required for the credential.

Credential Renewal

Each credential has a set validity date that is listed on the credential information page. Each credential requires a specific amount of continuing education hours to be obtained (in specific topics) and renewal fees paid to maintain the credential.

Inactive Status

Apply for inactive status by contacting us.

Lapse of Credential

Professionals who allow credentials to lapse must contact us to file a request to the board for reinstatement. Professionals must prove 40 hours of approved continuing education (within credential requirements) within the last 24 calendar months and complete all other credential renewal requirements (including associated fees) be considered for reinstatement.