It pays to get credentialed . . .

I obtained a career as an addiction counselor conducting outpatient MAT group therapy. My credentials and required examination allowed me to also obtain my state license for addiction counseling. My income has more than doubled in the last two years. Thank you ICAADA! (CADAC II)
– Lindsey


I feel that having the credential along with the state license inspires more confidence that our client’s have in us. It gives an additional comfort level.
– William

I have been able to get my foot in the door as a counselor while I work towards getting licensing through the state. I have been able to grow professionally and make a livable wage while attending school. I am extremely grateful for the CADAC credential.
– Bianca

My CADAC-II increased my position and pay level.
– Michael

It shows that I am committed to the addiction counseling profession. Also that I am invested in new information and education in addiction treatment.
– Eleanor

The CADAC II Credential assisted in my professional development at my current employer as well as the ability to better assist our clientele and outreach services.
– Amanda

I believe I have been paid better and more respected.
– Phillip

Allowed me to remain credible.
– Henry

CADAC II was necessary for continuing my job. I also received a raise. I feel like I have something tangible to back up my recovery knowledge. I seek out continuing education more than I would if I didn’t have this requirement.
– Tricia

My credentials with ICAADA has allowed employment and educational advantage.
– Katrius


Opened further doors for working with others. I maintain my CADAC IV since I am considering moving to another state and the IC& RC reciprocity will be helpful at that time.
– Yvonne

CADAC IV has assisted me with gaining creditable working within the Hospital in the 90 day intensive inpatient treatment program.
– Randall


Has better equipped me to walk alongside those seeking recovery.
– Brandy

Since beginning to work in the addictions/Recovery industry, I’ve enjoyed being able to help others. Through the course work required for my certifications, I’ve learned valuable information and techniques to better understand and deal with the clients that I deal with. My credential has helped me gain a better position in the company as well with a better rate of pay. As someone in recovery myself, I never could imagine that I would be able to establish a career in helping others find what I found. Thanks to ICAADA, I am not only able, but qualified.
– Eric

Helped me get a wonderful job.
– Wendy

I have an associates degree in social work/ human services. I am in the IU school of social work, aiming for a BSW then an MSW. In the mean time, I am able to supplement my schooling by working with the population I intend to work with after I graduate.
– Sara


I have been able to get a job full time at the hospital with increase in pay. I also am able to take part in trainings for CEU’s which help me as well as the people I work with. I have learned so much since I received my credential.
– Monica

With the CAPRC II credential I was able to obtain employment.
– David

The credential opened the door for my continued education by working with my peers. And gave me a brand new career.
– Woody

My credential supports the integrity and validity of my lived experience as well as my documented education. It has allowed me a unique opportunity to treat and support those SUD.
– Beth


Has better equipped me to walk alongside those seeking recovery.
– Danielle


Has given me a more specialized skill that I previously lacked in working with the SUD population
– Danielle

Increased my knowledge base in my ability to provide care to clients. Plus supplementary to my other credentials (e.g., LCSW, LCAC).
– Anonymous


I was able to double my salary.
– A