Credential Reciprocity

ICAADA recognizes the need for professionals to have their credentials transferred to other states/ jurisdictions due to various reasons. As part of this, several credentials ICAADA offers have reciprocity through our IC&RC credentialing board.

To identify if the credential you hold offers reciprocity, please visit our credentialing page and go to your credentials information page to verify if it is an IC&RC recognized credential.

A professional with ICAADA credentials who wishes to apply for reciprocity must contact us and we will begin the process to review the credential for transfer to the new state/jurisdiction if the state has an IC&RC affiliate board.

Other professionals with IC&RC credentials who wish to transfer credentials to Indiana, please contact your issuing credential body to begin the credentialing transfer process.

Learn more about the reciprocity process from IC&RC

Transfer your ICAADA credential to another IC&RC affiliate board jurisdiction

Transfer your IC&RC credentials to Indiana