ICAADA Certified Supervisor of Peer Recovery – Peer Recovery (CSPR-PR) is a credential for recovery support professionals who wish to show their competencies related to providing effective and ethical peer recovery support supervision.

Requirements to earn your CSPR-PR credential


  • Currently credentialed as one of the following nationally/internationally recognized credentials (no others are accepted)
    • NCPS (Mental Health America)
    • ICPR (IC&RC)
  • Professional Experience:
    • 4000 supervised hours in professional Substance Use/Mental Health Services
  • Supervisory Experience:
    • 300 hours supervised experience in a leadership or supervisory role of peer recovery support professionals

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  • 30 hours of an approved Peer Recovery Support Training 
  • 16 hours of Peer Recovery Ethics training (MHAI SWD Training Institute 2-day Peer Recovery Ethics is the only course accepted for this education requirement)
  • 6 hours HIV/AIDS training
  • 14 hours of Peer Recovery Supervision Training (Only course accepted in the MHAI SWD Training Institute 2-day Peer Recovery Supervision curriculum)
  • 85 hours of additional training in Addiction/Mental Health education (hours above will not count towards 85 additional hours)
  • 6 hours in cultural competency

Skills Domains

  • Understanding Peer recovery Support Role
  • Recovery Advocacy
  • Supports ethical and effective Implementation of Peer recovery Support Role
  • Ethical Practice
  • Encourages professional growth
  • Facilitates team building
  • Strength-based Approach
  • Quality and quantity of supervision
  • Employment policy and practice
  • Self-care
Code of Ethics
  • The applicant must sign, and agree to abide by the ICAADA Certified Supervisor of Peer Recovery (CSPR) Code of Ethics
  • Candidate must live or work in Indiana at least 51% of the time
Professional References
  • Must provide three professional references
  • 40 hours of leadership/recovery support education during the period of certification (2 years), Including 6 clock-hours in Peer recovery Ethics education, 6 clock-hours of peer recovery supervision related education and 6 clock-hours in Cultural Competency education
  • Membership: $125
  • Exam: Member – $150 | Non-member – $300 (if IC&RC Peer Recovery exam not previously taken)
  • Certification: Member – $100 | Non-member – $200