ICAADA Certified Recovery Coach II (CRC II) is an experienced level credential for family members, allies, loved ones or others who do not have personal, lived experience of recovery from substance use, mental health or co-occurring disorders. This credential is for those who wish to provide recovery support to those seeking/in recovery from substance use and/or mental health concerns.

CARC II Requirements

  • Allies, friends and/or loved ones of person seeking and/or in recovery/wellness from substance use and/or mental health concerns. (persons in personal recovery are not eligible for this credential)
Previous Education:
  • Minimum of a High school diploma or equivalent
Training and Education:
  • Minimum 30 hours of recovery support fundamentals specific education (MHAI SWD Training Institute 5-day Recovery Support Fundamentals training OR CCAR Recovery Coach Academy training completed prior to July 1st, 2024, OR DMHA CHW/CRS (now CPSP) are the only courses accepted)

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  • 16 hours of recovery support ethical responsibility specific education (MHAI SWD Training Institute 2-day Recovery Support Ethics is the only course accepted)
  • 6 hours of HIV/AIDS specific education
  • 6 hours of cultural competency education

Skills Domains

  • Advocacy
  • Ethical Responsibility
  • Mentoring and Education
  • Recovery/Wellness Support
  • 500 hours of professional recovery support (volunteer or paid) and 25 hours of direct supervision specific to the CARC Skills Domains.
    Please click here for examples of hours that will count as peer support experience.
Code of Ethics:
  • The applicant must sign, and agree to abide by the ICAADA Certified Recovery Coach II (CRC II) Code of Ethics.
  • Two professional references
  • Candidate must live or work in Indiana at least 51% of the time
  • 40 hours of recovery support specific education every two year, including 6 clock-hours in recovery support (or non-clinical) ethics and 6 clock-hours in cultural competency education
  • Membership: $125
  • Exam: Member – $150 | Non-member – $300
  • Certification: Member – $100 | Non-member – $200