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ICAADA training helps professionals in the field of alcohol and drug abuse prepare for exams to earn credentials and certifications. Training content is mandated to get credentials. ICAADA's training is the same training criteria available across the United States and offers international training. ICAADA training also helps professionals qualify for reciprocity, which is internationally recognized training.

Online resources

ICAADA's online resources are geared to help professionals prepare for credential and certification exams, and help train how to positively impact addiction, treatment, counseling, ethics, and HIV/AIDS. Go to ICAADA's online resources.

MATS training and certification

Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist (MATS) training is a 35-hour distance learning component and a two-and-a-half day live training followed by a written MATS Examination to earn the MATS clinical credential. In order to become MATS certified, a practitioner must possess a basic familiarity with the entire range of the four performance domains of a medication assisted treatment specialist. Learn more about MATS training and certification.

HIV/AIDS training

ICAADA's HIV/AIDS training is a six-hour course that teaches addiction professionals how to help clients identify high-risk activities and life styles that increase the risk of HIV exposure and HIV transmission. ICAADA's training improves addiction professionals' ability to support individuals in making behavior changes that reduce risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV, as well as other health related conditions such as Hepatitis C. Learn more about HIV/AIDS training.

Recovery coach ethics

Recovery coach ethics training is an intensive two-day course that lets participants explore ethical dimensions and issues from a recovery coach's point-of-view. Training focuses on legal and moral issues during recovery coach services. Participants learn the definition behind recovery coach ethics, ICAADA's recovery coach code of ethics, ethical responsibilities of recovery coaching, guidelines for ethical decision-making, and ethics of professional development. Learn more about recovery coach ethics.

Recovery coach training

Recovery coach training is a five-day 30-hour course that teaches the comprehensive purpose, scope, roles, and techniques of recovery coaching. Participants learn how to promote recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, and how to help remove obstacles to recovery. Participants have opportunities to practice recovery coaching skills and explore roles associated with recovery coaching: resource broker, role model, and mentor, motivator, problem solver, advocate, organizer and lifestyle consultant. Participants will be expected to attend all five days of this training. Learn more about recovery coach training.

CEU Endorsement Application

Download and print your CEU Endorsement Application to fill out and mail into 1431 N Delaware St., suite 4, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

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ICAADA is committed to public protection through certification programs for professionals in the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug addictions.



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