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ICAADA is here to help advance the field of alcohol and drug abuse. See if any of these frequently asked questions help you with answers. Please, do not hesitate to contact ICAADA's team.

What’s the best way to prepare for the test?

To help you pass the test you should study the 12 core functions, have a good background in pharmacology, and learn about counseling and supervision. Visit our training page for study resources.

If I fail my test, how soon can I retake it?

There is a 60-day waiting period to retake the same test. You may take a different test within that 60-day time period.

How do I schedule for the test?

Once you are registered you will receive an e-mail telling you how to schedule for your test with choices of testing locations and times. The testing company requires you to schedule your own test.

Can I change my test date once I schedule?

If you reschedule there will be a $25 charge. If you reschedule within 10 business days of the test date there will be a $115 charge. These charges passed on to ICAADA by the testing company and represent no income for ICAADA.

If I fail my test, do I have to pay again?

Yes, each time you register for the test the fee is $200.

Questions? Contact our Team

ICAADA is committed to public protection through certification programs for professionals in the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug addictions.



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