Justin R. Beattey

Vice President, Education and Credentialing

Justin identifies as a person in recovery from mental health and substance use issues and the justice system. He has a long standing business background prior to entering the behavioral health field where he has earned multiple peer support and treatment/clinical level credentials. Justin works alongside the behavioral health community to create, and strengthen, the behavioral health workforce and the organizations and communities that utilize their services. His dedication to education, support and advocacy with the ‘any positive change’ mentality to wellness allows all to feel included and supported. Justin continues to strive to support equitable access to resources and supports for all community members. Justins motivation is to see efforts advance, and sustain, equitable and stable resources and supports for all.

Karisa Vandeventer

Director, Education and Credentialing

Karisa has worked in the behavioral health field for 12 years. She is drawn to this work in part due to her own journey of recovery from mental wellness challenges and other co-occurring issues. She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University with a focus on Clinical Addictions Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Karisa enjoyed serving as an adjunct faculty member for Ivy Tech of Kokomo during 2020. The driving value behind Karisa and her work, either teaching, supervising, or providing direct client care, is that each are done with a person-centered, strengths-based mindset. Education, skill enhancement and credentialing are opportunities to practice a self-directed, positive change enhancing the intellectual, vocational, and financial dimensions of the overall wellness of individuals and the communities in which they live and work.

Lynne Calaway


Lynne Calaway has a diverse background, having worked in banking, with major league baseball players and Ohio’s civic & business leaders, all of which prepared her to become ICAADA’s first full-time employee in 1983 and the opportunity to be mentored by ICAADA’s founding leaders.  She would remain ICAADA’s sole employee for the better part of the next 25 years, leaving in 2007. 

Returning in 2013, after developing a web-based business, she was able to step right back into the role of Office Manager, continuing to be responsible for  ICAADA’s certification process, ensuring that the certification guidelines as set by the Board of Directors and Executive Director were met.  ICAADA awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

Lynne attended Computer Learning Center, Sawyers Business College, Tri C College, and Indiana Wesleyan University.  Most recently, she has begun developing projects in computer graphics.  

She has the utmost respect for the extraordinary work done by the professionals in this field and is humbled and grateful to have served ICAADA for over 35 years.

Hana Tingle

Credentialing Manager

Hana Tingle has gained experience in the field of public health through her professional background in service work, mentoring, and healthcare revenue cycle management. Hana holds a degree in Health Services Management from Indiana University – Indianapolis and has a deep passion for bridging the gap in health disparities to aid in improved health outcomes for all populations. Hana’s role centers around supporting initiatives related to conveying the outcomes of individuals engaged in specific ICAADA programs, as well as the overall success of these programs. With her combination of experience, passion, and an eagerness for continuous learning, she is adept at driving meaningful impact in her capacity as an Outcomes Coordinator.

Kassi Kotkoski

Administrative Coordinator

Kassi Kotkoski has spent much of her career working for non profit organizations. 

With a background in prevention and community relations. Kassi is dedicated to ensuring everyone has acccess to equal opportunities. As a CHW she is passionate about being an active part in the overall health of our population.

Providing administrative support here at MHAI allows for her to assist so many people with their goals. 

In her spare time she enjoys volunteering in her community.