Justin R. Beattey


Vice President Education and Credentialing, Director MHAI SWD Training Institute, Director – ICAADA, Director – IAPRSS

Justin identifies as a person in long-term recovery from mental health, substance misuse and the justice system. He holds multiple peer recovery and clinical -related credentials. Justin works alongside the behavioral health community to strengthen the workforce and supports provided through education, support and advocacy for marginalized populations and those seeking or in recovery. His dedication to the mentality of ‘any positive change’ and ‘any pathway of recovery’ allows all to feel included in the recovery process. Justin continues to work towards advancing the efforts of those who wish to ensure there is equity in the recovery process for everyone.

Monica Deck

MHAI SWD Training Institute Education Coordinator

Monica Deck holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Humanities and Health Studies and is a certified recovery specialist and community health worker. Prior to joining the team at MHAI, she worked as a research coordinator and project manager for the Indiana Women’s Prison History Project, supporting currently and formerly incarcerated scholars as they pursued original historical research on the origins of the women’s carceral system in Indiana. Monica considers herself to be in long-term recovery from severe mental illness, and that lived experience motivates her passion for mental health education, patient empowerment, and self-advocacy. She regularly speaks publicly regarding her clinical and personal experiences to student groups and clinicians in training, and believes that education – formal, informal, professional, and paraprofessional – is the key to cultivating a more equitable and diverse world of mental health and recovery.

Lynne Calaway

Office Manager

Lynne Calaway has a diverse background, having worked in banking, with major league baseball players and Ohio’s civic & business leaders, all of which prepared her to become ICAADA’s first full-time employee in 1983 and the opportunity to be mentored by ICAADA’s founding leaders.  She would remain ICAADA’s sole employee for the better part of the next 25 years, leaving in 2007. 

Returning in 2013, after developing a web-based business, she was able to step right back into the role of Office Manager, continuing to be responsible for  ICAADA’s certification process, ensuring that the certification guidelines as set by the Board of Directors and Executive Director were met.  ICAADA awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.

Lynne attended Computer Learning Center, Sawyers Business College, Tri C College, and Indiana Wesleyan University.  Most recently, she has begun developing projects in computer graphics.  

She has the utmost respect for the extraordinary work done by the professionals in this field and is humbled and grateful to have served ICAADA for over 35 years.