ICAADA Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach II (CAPRC II) is an experienced level credential for those who are in personal lived experience of recovery from substance use, mental health or co-occurring disorders. This credential is for those who wish to provide recovery support to those seeking/in recovery from substance use issues. This peer recovery support credential is recognized by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction and is a billable option through Indiana Medicaid, Indiana Recovery Works and Indiana Problem Gambler Awareness Program. This credential meets the International Credentialing & Reciprocity Consortium requirements for the Peer Recovery(PR) credential.  Please visit IC&RC reciprocity page and learn more about reciprocity and how this credential may be eligible for other IC&RC Member Boards credentials.

Requirements to earn your CAPRC II credential

  • Personal, lived experience in their own recovery from addiction, mental illness, or co-occurring substance and mental disorders.
Previous Education
  • High school diploma or HSE
Education & Training
  • 30 hours of peer training (CCAR Recovery Coach Academy OR DMHA CHW/CRS training)
  • 16 hours of peer recovery ethics training
  • 6 hours HIV/STI education

Skills Domains

  1. Advocacy
  2. Ethical Responsibility
  3. Mentoring and Education
  4. Recovery/Wellness Support
Recovery Time Expectation
  • One year self-attested
  • 500 hours of peer support (volunteer or paid) and 25 hours of direct supervision
Code of Ethics
  • The applicant must sign, and agree to abide by the ICAADA Certified Peer Addiction Recovery Coach (CAPRC) Code of Ethics.
  • Two professional references
  • Candidate must live or work in Indiana at least 51% of the time
  • 40 hours of related CEU every two years, including 6 in Peer Recovery Ethics
  • Membership: $125
  • Exam: Member – $150 | Non-member – $300
  • Certification: Member – $100 | Non-member – $200

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The CAPRC II credential meets the International Credentialing & Reciprocity Consortium requirements for the Peer Recovery(PR) credential.  Please visit IC&RC reciprocity page and learn more about reciprocity and how this credential may be eligible for other IC&RC Member Boards credentials.