Friday, December 14, 2018
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Addiction Recovery Coach Training

When: January 21 - 25, 2019
Where: MHAI Yellow Rose
  1441 N. Delaware Street
  Indianapolis, IN 46202
Time: 8:30-9:00 AM Registration
  9:00-4:30 PM Training
Cost: $495 (Non-ICAADA members)
  $425 (ICAADA members)
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    The Addiction Recovery Coach Training Course is a five-day, thirty-hour interactive knowledge and skill development training designed for those desiring to provide recovery coaching in a variety of recovery settings.  Participants will learn how to promote recovery for people seeking or in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction and how to help remove obstacles and barriers to recovery.  Participants will be expected to attend all five days of this training.

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the purpose, scope, roles, and techniques of recovery coaching.   Participants will have opportunities to practice recovery coaching skills and to explore the roles associated with recovery coaching: resource broker, role model, and mentor, motivator, problem solver, advocate, organizer and lifestyle consultant.  Participants will also learn that a recovery coach is not a sponsor, counselor, nurse/doctor or clergy.

This training satisfies thirty (30) hours of the fifty-two (52) hour training requirement for ICAADA’s Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach credential.  In addition to ICAADA CEUs, this training is approved for CEUs from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

Learning Objectives for the Addiction  Recovery Coach Training
•    Describe the roles and functions of a peer recovery coach
•    List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery
•    Understand stages of recovery
•    Identify how to use their own story in recovery coaching
•    Build coaching skills to enhance relationships
•    Discuss co-occurring disorders and medicated assisted recovery
•    Describe stages of change and their recovery applications
•    Identify ethical issues in recovery coaching
•    Understand spiritual and cultural recovery issues
•    Experience wellness planning
•    Practice recovery coaching skills

This course is adopted by the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) recovery coaching model and is based on the recovery coaching concepts developed by William White.

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 Addiction Recovery Coach Training

Five Day Schedule

Day One
The focus on day one of the Peer Recovery Coach Training is to create a safe learning environment where new knowledge transfer can occur and basic assumptions and values can be challenged.  Participants will get a firm foundation in recovery coaching terminology, role clarification, and guiding principles.

Day Two
Day two examines the optimal ways of working with recovering people with knowledge acquisition and skill development in the role of recovery coaches.

Day Three
Day three focuses on knowledge acquisition regarding recovery models and change models as well as a strong focus on skill development in motivating others to change.   Medication-assisted recovery and co-occurring disorders are included.

Day Four
Day four has two distinct components: knowledge and skills development on issues of spirituality, cultural competence and ethics, and an immersion into recovery resources and how to access them.

Day Five
The final day of this course is primarily concerned with the actualization of becoming a recovery coach.  Participants will be afforded an opportunity to practice recovery coaching and receive feedback regarding their coaching skills. An emphasis will also be placed on future professional development needs and responsibilities and appropriately close a week-long training.

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