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When you become an ICAADA member you receive substantial discounts for all training and events. ICAADA helps its members advocate support at state and local levels to advance the fields of alcohol and drug abuse.

Standard membership

Standard memberships receive significant discounts on ICAADA certifications and may vote at membership meetings and ICAADA elections. Standard memberships are ideal for people involved with helping treat alcohol and drug abuse, and believe in ICAADA's mission. Regular membership dues are $100 every two years.

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Student membership

Student membership is open to full-time students with a minimum of 15 quarter hours at a college or university, and involved in full or part-time internships. ICAADA student members are concerned with alcohol and drug abuse and work to accomplish ICAADA's mission. Student dues will not exceed fifty percent of ICAADA's annual dues.

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ICAADA is committed to public protection through certification programs for professionals in the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug addictions.



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