Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Regular Membership (New)

Regular Membership is open to any individual concerned with the problems of alcohol and other drug abuse who is in agreement with and supportive of the Association's mission. Regular members receive a significant discount on certification fees and are entitled to vote at membership meetings and in ICAADA elections. Regular Membership dues are $100.00 every two years after the initial 2 years at $125.00.

You can pay online or if you prefer you can download an application and mail it to our office at: 1431 North Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202.


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Most Frequent Issues with Certification Applications

TIPS from the ICAADA Office Manager

We have listed some of the most common mistakes with the applications we receive. Please have a look so you can learn from others. If you know of others please email our office. Thanks.

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