Certifications evaluate the level of education, training, supervision, and competency of professionals with credentials in the field of alcohol and drug abuse.

About Certification

Certification is the process for ICAADA to evaluate an individual’s experience, education, training, knowledge, and competency as an addiction professional. ICAADA’s certification board is in charge of the certification process. ICAADA’s certification board is made of elected members of ICAADA, with alternates, and at least one member appointed by the ICAADA certification chairperson. It is the intention of the board to issue a credential based on the sum total of the applicant’s experience, training, peer review, and overall judgement of service to the addictions constituency.

ICAADA’s certification board assumes responsibility when assessing applicants and their portfolios, and may require additional documents or information.

Every effort to function with maximum members present. In doing so, the Board will be employing an approach that is most favorable to the applicant.

Certification Requirements

Professionals working in the human-service field whose major responsibilities include prevention, treatment, support, or the care and advocacy of persons with alcohol or other drug problems may apply for certification. Those who specialize in alcohol or drug services can be employed in a variety of environments: churches, schools, business and industry, hospital-based inpatient programs, detoxification centers, halfway houses, recovery support, prisons and jails, the courts, homeless shelters, or public and private outpatient clinics.

Persons interested in certification may request application packets which explain the following requirements in complete detail. ICAADA offers multiple levels of certification. All persons seeking certification must complete the following requirements:

  • Confidential evaluation by the candidate’s peers and supervisors who are listed as references on the certification application
  • Written examination passed at the established norm for each respective certification level
  • Personal appearance before the certification board may be requested
  • Payment of all application and certification fees

Certification Fees

Save 60 percent on certification fees when you become an ICAADA member. Fees help pay for ICAADA’s costs for training, continuing education services, and local and statewide advocacy.

Certification renewal

Renew your ICAADA certification by contacting us.

Inactive Status

Apply for inactive status by contacting us.

Lapse of Certification

Professionals who allow certifications to lapse must contact us to file a request to the board for reinstatement. Professionals must prove 40 hours of approved continuing education within the last 24 calendar months.