Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Renewal of Certification

Renewal of Certification is required every two years.  Payment should be attached to the renewal application according to current fee structure announced on the application form.  Current membership in ICAADA will result in a substantial savings to the individual. 

Renewal requires completion of a Renewal Application and documentation of at least 40 clock-hours of FIELD-RELATED education and/or training during the period of certification.  You MUST provide proof of CEU's along with your renewal application.

Allowable clock hours of training for renewal of certification:

  • Formal Alcohol and Drug Training - provided by independent agencies or institutions with open application policies.  40 clock-hours is allowable in this category.
  • Academic Courses - provided by accredited schools and universities.  40 clock-hours allowed in this category.
  • Workshops, Conferences, Seminars - such as ICAADA quarterly meetings, ICAADA conventions, AA conventions, AA conventions, etc.

Attendance at association meetings such as:  ICAADA Business meetings, ICAADA Board of Directors Meetings, ICAADA Certification Board Meetings, ICAADA Regional Chapter Business Meetings may be used for a maximum of 5 continuing education hours per year regardless of the number of meetings you attend.

If you are an instructor of a workshop you can receive (2) hours preparation time per hour for the original presentation.  (i.e. 6 hour workshop= 12 continuing education hours for the original presentation.)


Certification Renewal

To renew Membership and Certifications online requires having a registered account

Begin the certification renewal process by submitting the Certification Application. First use the link below to register for a new account. If you already have an account online, please first login. Remember, if you are working on getting certifications for the first time, you can fill out the application and pay the certification dues, but you will need to download and complete all necessary forms and applications per the credential and submit most of them by fax, or mail them in to the ICAADA office.

Register for New Account

Certification is the process of evaluating an individual's experience, education, training, knowledge and competency as an addiction professional.  This function is accomplished by ICAADA's Certification Board, which is composed of elected members of ICAADA, with alternates, and at least one member appointed by the ICAADA Certification Chairperson.  it is the intention of the Board to issue a credential based on the sum total of the applicant's experience, training, peer review, and overall judgement of service to the addictions constituency.

In developing a system for Certification, the Board will assume broad powers in assessing applicants and their portfolios.  With these broad powers in assessing different categories of service, the Board may require additional evidence or information.

The Board, within its rules, will make every effort to function with maximum members present.  In doing so, the Board will be employing an approach that is most favorable to the applicant.  Board members will encourage an open dialogue with the applicant.  However, the Board will respect all confidential material, oral or written.

The Certification Board may enlist technical assistance and consultation, as required from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction and other sources.

Board members who are named as a reference for an applicant will abstain from voting on the certification of that applicant.

For questions about certification, please call our office at 317-923-8800 between 10-4, Monday through Friday.

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