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ICAADA Addiction Consultant in Training (ACIT) is an entry level clinical addiction credential for individuals employed in the addiction treatment field, or enrolled as a college student in addiction treatment studies. ACIT is a non-renewable credential and a stepping stone to other addiction professional credentials.

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Requirements to earn your ACIT credential

  • Professional experience
    • Employed in the addiction treatment field or a college student in behavioral science
  • Education
    • High school diploma or equivalency
    • Completion of six hours of counseling ethics and six hours of HIV/STI training
  • Examination
    • The ACIT requires no exam
    • However, the ACIT is a two-year, non-renewable certification and ACIT holders should be in preparation for testing as all other ICAADA credentials require testing
  • Code of ethics
    • Applicants must sign the ICAADA peer recovery code of ethics statement affirming that the applicant has read and will abide by the code of ethics
  • Recertification
    • 40 hours of related continuing education earned every two years, including six hours in peer recovery ethics
  • Geographic location
    • You must live or work at least 51-percent of the time in Indiana

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Applications for the ACIT credential must demonstrate applicable education or employment as well as pass the IC&RC counselor examination.

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Once you submitted ACIT application and packet is complete, your ACIT certificate will be issued within 60 days.

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