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Addiction Consultant in Training II (ACIT II)

The ACIT II, while open to any qualified candidate, is approved for Medicaid Reimbursement for those who work, specifically, in Opioid Treatment Programs and is intended to serve as a pathway to our other addiction professional credentials.

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Requirements to earn your ACIT II credential


  • Employed in the addiction treatment field for a minimum of 1 year
  • Supervised by CADAC II or higher; within a Supervisor’s caseload no more than 50% can be ACIT based on federal, state, or agency policy


  • Bachelor's in Social Service Field and/or equivalent course work, with a minimum of 15 credit hours
  • Equivalent course work includes; Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology; Ethics, Humanistic Studies, Communications
  • Completion of six (6) hours of Counseling Ethics and six hours of HIV/STI training

Code of ethics

  • Applicants must sign the ICAADA Code of Ethics

Residency Requirement

  • You must live or work at least 51% of the time in Indiana


  • This credential is NOT renewable
  • Three Year Limit - Personal development plan submitted to corresponding OTP with end goal of obtaining IC&RC credential within 3-year timeframe


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